Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization #45-14 approval for Aircraft Structures

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We can do Sheet Metal Structural Repairs on any Non Pressurized Aircraft

Our extensive shop is fully equipped to repair your wings, flight controls, tail surfaces, cowlings, fuselages and floats!

We can also come to your location - including removal and reinstallation of components, wings.

Insurance jobs and private work.

We did our first salvage job 34 years ago - so let us salvage your damaged airplane so it doesn't get any further damage, and let us fix it right!

Specializing Cessna 180/185 sales and service for over 30 years!

Call anytime - day or night - for a free estimate 1-888-353-6257

We have 30 + years full time experience in the aviation business in Canada - call us with any of your sheet metal structural repair needs.

You bend it - we'll mend it!