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Need structural repairs or mods?

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We can do large or small structural repairs on your aircraft, floats, skis, or any sheet metal components.

We have a fuselage and wing jig for major repairs on Cessna single engine aircraft.

We can also major or minor mods - STOL Kits, Wing X, camera holes, or just about anything!

We have a reputation for doing the jobs that most other shops can't!

Looking for used parts?

We have sold our used parts inventory to Polish Joe at:

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Near Barrie, Ontario


Our airport is called "Brechin/Ronan Aircraft" the TC identifier is CDU7

Our 150 acre private airport is located approx. 50 miles north of Toronto, Ontario (approx. 100 miles north of Buffalo, New York)

Near the NE corner of Lake Simcoe, 3 miles NW of the town of Brechin.

The co-ordinates are: N 44 34.285 W 79 13.435.

2785 Concession 7, 2 kms west of Highway 12, on South side - large gray barn and gray house

3 Miles NW of Brechin, directly North of Lagoon City

Aerodrome Data

Our Wikipedia Page

Labelled image of our runways
Click on this aerial picture for driving directions

We have two grass strips and a water runway:

Our grass runways are "Prior Permission Required"

Please call ahead for runway conditions (we mainly fly on skis in the winter so we usually don't keep the runway cleared).

Our water runway is strictly for private use


We have been in the aviation business full time for over 30 years.

Our business consists of aircraft maintenance, restorations, rebuilds - but we also do sell airplanes, and usually have some floats for sale.

We are also in the market to buy anything airplane related - parts, instruments, radios, floats, skis, and even complete aircraft - derelict, damaged, flying, almost flying - let us know what you've got!