Interesting Floatplane pictures

A Luscombe before a float changeover???(Actually if you lock the brakes on just about any airplane you can ski across the water!!? I've heard it done with a Grumman AG-Cat, C-180, and a 65 Champ up the Holland River.  I've seen it first hand with a C-150 as well!!)

The first plane is a Dornier Seastar, an amphibious aircraft with 2x 650hp,
push and pull turboprop, space for up to 12 passengers.
More details you can find at

The second aircraft is a Dornier 24, a 60 year old flying boat, which was
overhauled for 6 mi. USD, equipped with 3 PT-6 turboprop engines,
flatscreens, entertainment system, cameras and newest avionics.
The plane is on a around-the-world-tour now and will be visiting Toronto as
well. More informations you can find at

These picture were sent by Daniel Boden who wrote:

"Attached you will find some pictures of two unique flying boats which have
been visiting us some weeks ago.
We are operating the first commercial seaplane base in Germany equipped with
two water runways, a tower and a ramp for amphibious operations- located in
downtown Bremen.
We started with two Lakes Buccaneer and changed our fleet into C206 on EDO
3500`s now. Maybe we are going to operate a Caravan from next season on.
Pictures you can find on our homepage:"

Two amphibs we ( Doug Ronan) refurbished in the last couple of years -
LEFT '56 182 with Texas Skyways carburated 550, 3 blade Blac Mac, new paint,
Monarch main and long range tanks, Horton STOL, VG's, wing extensions,
EDO 2705 amphibs, Selkirk interior, etc.  Cruises at 155 MPH on amphib floats!!
RIGHT '64 180 with stock O-470 R 230 HP - actually works pretty good!!
New paint, new glass, Horton STOL, and EDO 2705 amphibs

Cherokee 180 on EDO 2000's

Ercoupe on floats

Murphy Renegade biplane on three floats????????

Needs no explanation - no I don't think it ever flew

Wipaire's Fire Boss at Toronto Aviation Expo - June 2003, Oshawa, Ontario

It's a bit of monster!! Actually it's alot of a monster!!