The 300 HP Monster Cub!!


This awesome airplane which started out as an everyday example of the North Star Bushplane - an award winning kit plane designed and produced by Morgan Williams of Custom Flight Components of Perkinsfield, Ontario.  When the owner of the Aircraft, Ron Newburg of Orillia, Ontario, bought the partially completed kit, it came with a 150 HP Lycoming O-320.  Ron had a O-520C 300 HP engine which was removed from a Beech Baron.  We got looking at the fact that this 520 had a dynafocal engine mount set up very similar to the O-320 that came with the North Star.  Somebody said - jokingly - that big 6 cylinder Continental would look good on the front of the North Star!!  What started out as a joke has turned a great airplane into one of the most unique airplanes out there!!

Building this aircraft was one job - putting a 300 HP engine on it and making everything fit and most of all work - was another!!

Ron came to us to help him make this airplane fly - and most importantly fly well.  Everything firewall forward had to be made - most of it just from raw materials!! We started with a Beech Baron engine mount and modified it to fit the front of the North Star.  Then we made the baffles, the exhaust, induction, fuel system, and the complete cowling!


The airplane has completed it's first 25 hours so it can now get it's final flight permit.  It flies beautifully - it does everything well!!  You can get off the water in about 3 seconds, climb at almost 2000 feet per minute and then cruise at 120 MPH at 22 squared burning only 10 GPH!!  It has huge flaps and Vortex generators on it so short landings are not a problem!!


300 HP IO-520 C originally from Beech Baron

Custom Engine mount - had to be as short as possible!!

Custom induction/fuel injection setup

Ready for the first run!!

Simple but effective panel

Wings on finally!!

Beside 185 with basically the same engine and prop!!

Everyone said it would nose heavy - not too bad!!

Peck Aero 2250 floats

Putting the Peck Aero 2250 floats on for the first time!!

On floats finally!!

Starting some water trials in the Pond

Some step taxi tests

One of the early take-offs - off in about 3 seconds!!

300 HP Monster Cub/North Star on the left Piper Super Cub on right



This is an example of one of the interesting and unusual projects we have done over the past 22 years!!

If you have an airplane or project that needs an experienced and reliable  shop with the know how to get it flying and moreover get it flying well - give us a call!!

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